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This seminal work from John Psathas remains one of Rattle’s most highly-regarded releases.Hailed as New Zealand’s most ambitious orchestral recording,

View From Olympus features inspired and uplifting performances from its principal soloists. Acclaimed as the composer of the ceremonial music for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, John is thrilled that this recording has been completed. “For me, this is bigger than anything I’ve done – bigger than the Olympics,” he says. “These are my strongest works – my biggest statements and now they exist in the world.”


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View from Olympus (album)

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Project Details

View from Olympus (album)


Musicians: Pedro Carneiro (percussion), Michael Houstoun (piano), Joshua Redman (sax), Lance Philip (drums), The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marc Taddei

Producer: John Psathas with technical advice from Keith Warren

Recording Engineer: Graham Kennedy, assisted by Darryl Stack

Mixing: John Psathas & Steve Garden

Mastering Engineer: Graham Kennedy

Video production & direction: Keith Hill VIEW VIDEOS

Executive Producer: Tim Gummer & Keith Hill

Sponsorship Management: Duncan McCann

Public Relations: Sally Woodfield

Photography: Keith Hill & Tim Gummer

Original design (2006): Tim Gummer

Revised design (2020): UnkleFranc

Printing: Studio Q

Joshua Redman appears courtesy of Nonesuch Records

We gratefully acknowledge the many private contributors whose commitment was essential to realizing this project, along with principal support from THE DONNY TRUST, WELLINGTON CITY, and APRA.

Released September 23, 2006

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