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Dance evening by Tarek Assam | Music by John Psathas | Arranged by Herbert Gietzen

Penelope - who is this woman? She is Odysseus' wife. She is the one who waits forever who, even after 20 years, trusts her husband's return. This shadowy woman chose Tarek Assam as the center of his approach to Homer's Odyssey, thus viewing the familiar dispute from an unusual angle. Stage designer Fred Pommerehn and costume designer Gabriele Kortmann design the equipment for the new TCG production.

Once again, music by contemporary composers - performed live under the direction of GMD Michael Hofstetter from the Philharmonic Orchestra - is a partner of a dance evening: the music for PENELOPE WARTET was partly re-composed by New Zealander John Psathas and arranged by Herbert Gietzen, and dramaturgically for in close collaboration with the composer set up the flow of this production. John Psathas is known for his powerful, strongly rhythmic music, in which he skilfully combines jazz, folklore and contemporary symphonic music into an extremely attractive crossover.


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Project Details

Penelope Waiting

Contemporary Dance Score

Choreography: Tarek Assam

Musical direction: Michael Hofstetter

Arranger: Herbert Gietzen

Composer: John Psathas

Stage: Fred Pommerehn

Costumes: Gabriele Kortmann

Dramaturgy: Maite Beisser


  • Penelope: Magdalena Stoyanova/ Yuki Kobayashi
  • Ulysses: Francesco Mariottini/ Alberto Terribile
  • Dog: Sven Krautwurst/ Romain Arreghini
  • Warriors: Caitlin-Rae Crook/ Romain Arreghini/ William Banks/ Iacopo Loliva/ Alberto Terribile
  • Wives: Caitlin-Rae Crook/ Agnieszka Jachym/ Kristina Norri/ Mamiko Sakurai/ Skip Willcox

Orchestra: Gießen Philharmonic Orchestra

Premiered by Gießen Philharmonic Orchestra on May 8, 2016 at the StadtTheater, Giessen, Germany

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Set List

  • Caressing Ithaka (Aegean)
  • Damnation Planet (Planet Damnation)
  • Distress 1 (The Posse - from film score Good for Nothing)
  • Distress 2 (The Posse - from film score Good for Nothing)
  • Dog Meets Man (Tecmessa's Lament and Hymn to the Muse)
  • Her Wedding Dress (Aegean)
  • Hero Alone (The Desert - from film score Good for Nothing)
  • Ithaka (Aegean)
  • Loneliness (Corybas)
  • Ulysses Frustrated (Zahara)