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Atalanta: Solo Vibraphone
$ 80.00 NZD
This product is a complete performance package for the solo vibraphone arrangement of Atalanta, providing everything you need for your show. Commissioned by Fabian Ziegler Dedicated to Fabian Ziegler and Akvilė Šileikaitė This work is intended to be performed without a click-track or in-ear monitoring. The audio track contains sufficient rhythmic material for the performers to synchronize. The audio system for this work should be stereo, and deliver consistent and balanced sound across the entire frequency range. The vibraphone motor is intended to be turned on and off with a foot switch. If none is available, the motor should remain off throughout. #Percussion
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Atalanta (solo vibes version)

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Project Details

Atalanta (solo vibes version)

for Solo Vibraphone

Commissioner: Fabian Ziegler

Dedicated to: Fabian Ziegler & Akvilė Šileikaitė

Instrumentation: Vibraphone

Premiered by Fabian Ziegler & Akvilė Šileikaitė on March 15, 2020 in Johanneskirche, Zürich

Difficulty Level:
Instrument Tags:
Mallet Percussion
Digital Audio

Programme Notes

I’ve always been strongly influenced by the performers I write for. In the case of Atalanta I was affected by the knowledge that percussionist Fabian (Ziegler) and pianist Akvilė (Šileikaitė) were a couple and soon to be married. There is a sense of youthful love and warmth in the piece, and of two young spirits chasing each other at high speed.

The literal meaning of the word Atalanta (from Greek mythology) is ‘equal in weight’ – not a bad concept for the foundation of a marriage. Atalanta is also the name of a Greek heroine, a swift-footed virgin who eschewed men and devoted herself to the huntress Artemis.

She agreed to marry only if a suitor could outrun her in a footrace, which she knew was impossible. If the suitor was unsuccessful, he would be killed. Many suitors died in the attempt until Hippomenes prayed to the goddess Aphrodite for assistance and received three irresistible golden apples. During the race Atalanta, was diverted off the path as Hoppmenes tossed an apple for her to retrieve; each time Atalanta caught up with Hippomenes, he would toss another apple, ultimately winning the race and Atalanta herself.

The backing track features a recording of Taonga Puoro performed by the recent Richard Nunns (if you listen closely, you can hear his voice sung through the body of a Putorino).