Jupiter and Venus


for Solo Piano


Decoding the composition
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Jupiter and Venus is a modest musical reflection on the cosmic forces embodied in the Juno-Jupiter-Venus (or Hera-Zeus-Aphrodite) love/power triangle, with its energies forever oscillating between stability, power and passion.

The infamous love triangle originates from ancient mythology and has been a rich source of provocative artistic depictions. Zeus is traditionally represented by planet Jupiter. Zeus and Hera (associated with the protection of marriage, childbirth and life in general) became the king and the queen of Olympus and ruled all other Olympian gods.

Venus (or Aphrodite in ancient Greek culture) embodies the principles of beauty, passion and attraction through desire, and holds the keys to passion, beauty and the principle of human creativity in the broadest meaning.

During my first ever experience of the night sky above Lake Tekapo (in the South Island of New Zealand) I was inspired by what was dubbed a celestial “kiss,” in which Jupiter and Venus appeared to nearly touch after drawing magically closer to each other in the night sky throughout February.


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Jupiter and Venus

for Solo Piano

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