Galileo Meets Copernicus (dance score) with Tarek Assam

Dance Score


Galileo Meets Copernicus is a collaborative work that brings together the visionary choreography of Tarek Assam and many of the works that defined my early career. This multidimensional composition takes the audience on a captivating journey through a fusion of movement and sound. Each piece of music intricately weaves together with the choreography, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of emotions and narratives. From the fiery intensity of "Inferno (from Three Psalms)" to the rhythmic complexity of "Drum Dances mvmt 2," and the ethereal beauty of "Motet," the music of Galileo Meets Copernicus serves as a vital force that drives the momentum and expression of the dance. The works, performed by esteemed musicians such as Michael Houstoun, Stephen Gosling, and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Marc Taddei, showcase a rich and diverse sonic palette that enhances the visual storytelling on stage. The spectacle extends beyond music and dance, with Lukas Noll's set and costume design, Manfred Wende's lighting, and Christian Steingbock's dramaturgy adding layers of visual and conceptual depth to the performance. Through the intricate interplay of movement, music, set, lighting, and dramaturgy, Galileo Meets Copernicus invites the audience to explore profound themes and ideas, transcending the boundaries of space and time. Its premiere on October 8, 2011, at the prestigious GroBes Haus in Berlin marked a significant moment in the intersection of music, dance, and theatrical artistry. With a talented ensemble of dancers, including Alaina Flores, Clementine Herveux, Sydney Minton Green, and Christopher Basile, among others, the performance came to life, embodying the spirit and brilliance of the visionary minds it celebrates—Galileo and Copernicus.

Through the synergy of music, movement, and theatrical elements, Galileo Meets Copernicus immerses audiences in an unforgettable sensory experience that celebrates the beauty of human expression and the boundless possibilities of artistic collaboration.

Soundtrack Includes

1 Inferno (from Three Psalms)

2 Stream 3.3

3 Drum Dances mvmt 2

4 Motet

5 Waiting for the Aeroplane

6 Drum Dances mvmt 1

7 Spike

8 Maenads (from View From Olympus)

9 Calenture part 1

10 Aria (from Three Psalms)

11 Fragment  

Key Details:

Choreographer: Tarek Assam

Musicians: Michael Houstoun, Stephen Gosling, Diedre Irons, Dan Poynton, Pedro Carneiro, Brian Resnick, David Arend, Neil Becker, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Marc Taddei

Premiered October 8, 2011 at the GroBes Haus, Berlin, Germany


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