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The High Ride, the wildest aerial tour ever.

OurSpace | Tō Tātou Ātea

Dates: 8 Nov 2008 – 6 Jul 2014
Cost: Free entry

OurSpace | Tō Tātou Ātea allowed visitors to create their own vision of New Zealand on The Wall, a state-of-the-art interactive canvas where users could mix it, own it, share it. This experiment in public curation led to interesting and sometimes surprising displays.

The exhibition also gave visitors the opportunity to explore New Zealand’s culture and geography through an interactive glass floor map and The High Ride, the wildest aerial tour ever. The Deep Ride let visitors journey 2,000 metres below the ocean’s surface aboard a submarine simulator.

David Downes


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The High ride

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Project Details

The High ride

Soundtrack with David Downes

Collaborator: David Downes

Open: 8 Nov 2008 – 6 Jul 2014

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