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Eternal Optimism ft. John Psathas

Paths To Purpose

May 20

50 min 3 sec

Episode Description

This week Danielle is joined by podcast Audio Engineer, Jac, to chat with New Zealand-Greek composer John Psathas. Psathas has composed music for a variety projects including the 2004 Olympic Games, a classical chart-topping album with Serj Tankian, numerous commissions for the world’s top percussion players, and was also a former faculty member at New Zealand School of Music for 25 years before leaving in 2019 to compose full-time.

In this episode, Psathas discusses his immigrant upbringing, working at the fish & chip shop in his youth and how that spurred his love for music, the university music experience, common questions from other students he has mentored, and how his optimistic outlook on failure and life’s uncertainties has led to his success.

This episode was made possible by our Audio Engineer, Jac Boothe, and our Brand Strategist, Mikey Lullo. For more resources to help find your purpose, follow us on Instagram and TikTok @paths2purposepod.

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