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Omnifenix: Concerto

Solist Transcription
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What's Included

This download includes a studio recording of a symphony orchestra (without saxophone solo), a click track, and a pdf transcription of Michael Brecker’s world premiere performance VIDEO

The audio files are mp3 and intended for learning and practice. For live - karaoke-style – performances, higher quality audio files are available from at no additional cost.

The click track has been beat-mapped to the (shifting) tempo of the orchestral performance. Time allowed for the cadenza is approximately 90 seconds

The solo saxophone part (used when improvising and not performing a transcription), is available for free download HERE

More information about the piece can be found on the individual work page on this website HERE

Digital download includes the following files:

1. Omnifenix - Concerto - INSTRUCTIONS.pdf

2. Omnifenix - Concerto - SCORES & PARTS

  • Omnifenix - Concerto - BRECKER TRANSCRIPTION.pdf

3. Omnifenix - Concerto - PERFORMANCE MATERIALS

  • Omnifenix - Concerto - PERFORMANCE AUDIO.mp3
  • Omnifenix - Concerto - CLICK (M).mp3

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About this Work

Commissioned by Concorso Internazionale "2 Agosto" in Bologna, Italy, Omnifenix is a captivating composition that combines directed improvisation on saxophone and drum kit with an orchestra. Originally written for the renowned tenor player Michael Brecker, the piece showcases a unique collaboration where the drum set player acts as a translator, reinforcing the orchestra's foundation while responding to the soloist. Described as a compelling synthesis of jazz and art music, Omnifenix allows the saxophone soloist's individuality to shine, creating a remarkable and harmonious musical experience.

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Omnifenix (saxophone concerto)
Concerto for Improvising Saxophone, Drum Set, and Orchestra
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