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The No Man’s Land Project is an 80-minute live cinematic concert and a future-length film. It’s a deeply moving multi-media work that spans generations, continents, cultures and beliefs, and reflects on the devastating impact and futility of war. Commissioned from John Psathas and Jasmine Millet, the No Man’s Land Project was premiered as a centrepiece of New Zealand’s First World War commemorations in 2016.

150 musicians descended from opposing forces of the Great War and filmed on significant battlefields around the world are projected alongside a live, seven-piece international ensemble featuring Stratis Psaradelis, Sofia Labropoulou, Caleb Robinson, Vangelis Karipis, Jolanta Kossakowska, Joe Callwood and James Illingworth. The musicians, both live and virtual, perform as one global orchestra to create an exhilarating and deeply moving visual and musical experience.

The No Man’s Land Project is, above all else, an unashamed commitment to optimism; a statement to nations who currently find themselves at war. Even at our worst, humanity and empathy continue to survive.

From the composer - “Why musicians travelling in the footsteps of soldiers 100 years ago? If we could go back in time and say to those on the battlefields “guess what happens here in 100 years” – would they believe us? If we said the same thing to those fighting now, would they believe us? Would we believe ourselves? We now wage war on our own species. But even at our worst, humanity and empathy continue to survive. Our story culminates in acts of kindness: soldiers from opposing sides, ‘enemies’, offering each other water, a cigarette, a shoulder to lean on. Even – incredibly – in what is surely one of the most bizarre and dangerous inventions of the human mind: a place called no man’s land.”

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No Man’s Land
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