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Kyoto: Perc Quintet

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Kyoto, premiered by the Ju Percussion Group in Taiwan City on May 20, 2011, was commissioned by the group for the Taipei International Percussion Convention. Departing from my earlier intense and physically demanding percussion compositions, such as Drum Dances and Etude from One Study One Summary, Kyoto shares stylistic similarities with his marimba concerto Djinn. The piece maintains a constant rhythmic semiquaver pulse that drives the momentum, transitioning through varying time signatures and punctuated by moments of silence that give rise to shifts in harmonic content. Two contrasting ideas, rhythmically driven melodic lines and vibraphone arpeggios, alternate before converging in a climactic moment. The title of the work is inspired by a 1976 improvisation by pianist Keith Jarrett recorded in Kyoto, which served as a transformative catalyst for my journey as a composer.

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