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Halo: Piano & Percussion

Performance Materials
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What's Included

Digital download includes the following files:

1. Halo - Piano & Cello - SCORES & PARTS

  • Halo - Pno&Perc - FULL SCORE.pdf
  • Halo - Pno&Perc - PERCUSSION.pdf

2. Halo - Piano & Cello - PERFORMANCE MATERIALS

  • HALO 1 - Mvt 1 Bar1 - PERFORMANCE AUDIO (ST).mp3
  • HALO 2 - Mvt 3 Bar115 - PERFORMANCE AUDIO (ST).mp3
  • HALO 3 - Mvt 3 Bar270 - PERFORMANCE AUDIO (ST).mp3

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About this Work

Halo is duet for cello and piano (and subtle, subliminal audio) commissioned by Ian Graham and Agi Lehar-Graham for Katherine Austin and James Tennant. Incorporating subtle and subliminal audio elements, the first movement, titled "Red Halo," creates an atmospheric soundscape where the resonance of the piano intertwines with electronic textures. This serves as a mesmerizing backdrop for the cello, allowing it to deliver moody and improvisation-like statements that evoke a range of emotions. As the music progresses into the second movement, "Stacia," the piano takes on a flowing ostinato, providing a foundation for the cello to express itself through melodic lines that sing with grace. Throughout this movement, subtle shifts in texture and mood unfold, enhancing the depth and complexity of the composition. The final movement, "Angelus," intensifies the sonic journey with a manic energy. Dissonant chords collide with bursts of frenzied melodicism, creating a climactic and exhilarating finale. This movement explores the extremes of musical expression, engaging the listener with its powerful dynamics and intricate interplay between piano and cello.

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Halo (piano and cello)
for Piano, Cello and Electronics
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