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2022 Interview with Karlo Margetic

John Psathas | The All Seeing Sky

Posted by sounzmusic | May 11, 2022 | Composer Interviews | 0

The All Seeing Sky, a new double percussion concerto by John Psathas will be premiered this week by the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, with a second performance with Orchestra Wellington a week later. Karlo Margetić caught up with John to talk about the new work.

The All Seeing Sky was commissioned for Fabian Ziegler and Luca Staffelbach. How did you meet these guys? Can you tell us about some projects you did with them before?

My relationship is really with Fabian Ziegler. Luca I’m meeting for the first time when he comes to New Zealand next week. Fabian and I are into our fourth project now. The first was a reworking of View From Olympus, to create a new karaoke version, but I upgraded it with electric guitars, basses and synths, things like that, rather than just an orchestra backing track. Then he commissioned a duo for himself and his wife Akvilė Šileikaitė, for piano, vibes and backing track called Atalanta. [It] has really done well, it’s taken off and is getting played a huge amount. Then Fabian put together a percussion consortium and commissioned a piece for solo percussion, backing track, and video. He commissioned Filip Merčep, a percussionist and video artist, to make a separate layer that goes with the piece – which is fantastic. That’s called RealBadNow, all one word! This double concerto is the fourth project that we’ve done together…………

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