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RealBadNow: Solo Percussion

Performer Bundle
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Vibraphone (with motor)
Shekere (mounted)
4 Tom-toms (sticks and mallets) 18” A1, 16” C2, 14” E2, 12” G2
Bass Drum (with cymbal)

Included in this Download

  • Download Instructions
  • Full Score Suitable for Performance
  • Performance Files: Logic & Pro Tools (includes audio, click track, and optional in-ears channel)
  • Practice Materials: 80-100% Tempo
  • Reference Mixes with Percussion Solo
  • MIDI File (begins at 1_1_1_1)

Logic and ProTools Users

These materials are setup to be used with either ProTools or Logic Pro, although this software is not essential (read further about this, below). The Logic and ProTools sessions are setup with markers and bar numbers that are aligned with the score. You will be able to open up and start playing either of these sessions immediately. You will be able to start the file at any point for practice and performance purposes.

Alternatives to Logic and ProTools

If you prefer to work with different software, there is a MIDI file included in the download. You can use this to establish a session in Cubase, Reaper, etc. and drag the audio files for the backing track, click, and in-ears into that session.

Please read the following carefully: importing this MIDI file into your software will produce the correct bar numbers, tempi, and markers. BUT – the MIDI file begins at the downbeat of bar 1, whereas the audio files begin at the downbeat of bar 0 (a 4/4 bar at 83.6bpm – the tempo of the first movement). This bar 0 is the count-in bar of 4 clicks. You will need to create this bar 0 and drag the audio files to begin there. Then everything will be aligned.

Practice Tracks and Reference Mixes

Practice tracks are also included (these have the click and the performance audio mixed into a stereo track so that you can practice with headphones using a phone or tablet, and without needing Logic or ProTools). Practice tracks are at 80%, 90%, and 100% tempo. They are delivered as standalone movements and not as one continuous 5-movement file.

Reference Mixes are also provided. These have the live percussion parts that you will play mixed with the backing track to give an idea of what balances should be achieved between the live elements and the backing track. These reference mixes represent how the composer hears all the elements of the work ideally balanced. This may often be surprising, so please take the time to get to know these mixes and use them as the model for live performance.

Video (separate download)

Additionally, if you decide to purchase the bespoke synchronised RealBadNow film, created by Filip Mercep, it can easily be imported to the Logic/ProTools session and automatically synchronized to the audio.

Examples of this video in performance can be seen here, performed by Fabian Ziegler:


RBN V -  

The entire film with a full mix of the music can be seen and heard here:

Digital download includes the following files:

1. RealBadNow - SoloPerc - INSTRUCTIONS.pdf

2. RealBadNow - SoloPerc - SCORES & PARTS

  • RealBadNow - SoloPerc - FULL SCORE.pdf


  • RealBadNow - SoloPerc - PERFORMANCE FILE LOGIC

4. RealBadNow - SoloPerc - PRACTICE MATERIALS

  • RBN01 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 80%.wav
  • RBN01 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 90%.wav
  • RBN01 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 100%.wav
  • RBN02 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 80%.wav
  • RBN02 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 90%.wav
  • RBN02 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 100%.wav
  • RBN03 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 80%.wav
  • RBN03 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 90%.wav
  • RBN03 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 100%.wav
  • RBN04 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 80%.wav
  • RBN04 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 90%.wav
  • RBN04 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 100%.wav
  • RBN05 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 80%.wav
  • RBN05 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 90%.wav
  • RBN05 - SoloPerc - PRACTICE TRACK 100%.wav

5. RealBadNow - SoloPerc - REFERENCE MIXES

  • RBN01 - SoloPerc - REFERENCE MIX.wav
  • RBN02 - SoloPerc - REFERENCE MIX.wav
  • RBN03 - SoloPerc - REFERENCE MIX.wav
  • RBN04 - SoloPerc - REFERENCE MIX.wav
  • RBN05 - SoloPerc - REFERENCE MIX.wav


  • RealBadNow - SoloPerc - MIDI (1_1_1_1).mid

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About this Work

A solo percussion and digital audio work commissioned by commissioned by: Fabian Ziegler, Switzerland - Alex Georgiev, Austria - Adelaide Férrière, France - Omar Carmenates, USA - Zhengdao Lu, China - Sam Um, USA Pei Ching Wu, Taiwan - James Larter, UK - Vassilena Serafimova, Bulgaria - Gaku Ueno, Japan - Edoardo Giachino, Italy

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