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Trimetrical Hub from Koolish Zein: Solo

Performance Materials
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What's Included


  • Vibraphone
  • 5-octave marimba.
  • Stereo (2-channel) audio system for the backing track,
  • In-ear monitoring for the click track.
  • In total, playback of 3 simultaneous channels of audio are required (2 channels for the backing track and 1 channel for the click).

Digital download includes the following files

1. Trimetrical Hub - Solo - INSTRUCTIONS.pdf

2. Trimetrical Hub - Solo - SCORES & PARTS

  • Trimetrical Hub - Solo - FULL SCORE.pdf
  • Trimetrical Hub - Solo - SOLOIST.pdf

3. Trimetrical Hub - Solo - PERFORMANCE MATERIALS

  • Trimetrical Hub - Solo - CLICK.mp3
  • Trimetrical Hub - Solo - PERFORMANCE AUDIO.mp3
  • Trimetrical Hub - Solo - PERFORMANCE AUDIO.wav
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About this Work

Koolish Zein is an orchestra-less concerto written for  Michael Burritt. In place of the symphony orchestra is a percussion quartet and a track of richly layered audio. The soloist is the  storyteller from start to finish, navigating an ever-changing terrain of dynamic textures and grooves. The three parts of Koolish Zein each look to evoke resonances of an imagined future. Her Alchemy emerges from women’s voices transformed digitally within the software Alchemy. London Busking 2149 imagines what it might be like busking at Trafalgar Square some 125 years from now, evoked with the sound of flying vehicles coming and going, the loose quality of the music, and a duet with a passing robotic improvisor. The up-tempo Trimetrical Hub (an anagram of Michael Burritt) begins in a Macedonian dance rhythm of 17/8 (4+6+7) and eventually transforms into a high-spirited groove inspired by a 6/8 Moroccan wedding dance.

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Koolish Zein
for solo percussion, percussion quartet, and digital audio (2019)
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