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Mentacide: Solo Snare

Performance Video
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Please note this download is for the video file. It does not include the score. See below for where to purchase the score.

Mentacide - for solo snare drum and digital audio - is built around the letter-by-letter construction of words read by an old speak’n’learn children’s toy. This video - created by David Downes  - visually constructs the words in sync with the music, to enhance the audience experience of your performance. The audio track in this video contains the complete backing track required for a live performance of Mentacide.

The text is paraphrased from Henry Giroux’s "The Violence of Organised Forgetting"

The score is available here

The full video can be seen here: Mentacide - Youtube

Listen to Mentacide here: Mentacide - Spotify

Digital download includes the following files:

1. Mentacide - SoloSnare - INSTRUCTIONS.pdf

2. Mentacide - SoloSnare - PERFORMANCE MATERIALS

  • Mentacide - SoloSnare - PERFORMANCE

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About this Work

Mentacide, commissioned by Shaun Tilburg and published by Pocket Publications, is for solo snare drum(s) and digital audio, with the accompanying text drawing inspiration from Henry Giroux's 'The Violence of Organized Forgetting: Thinking Beyond America's Disimagination Machine.'

The score and performance audio is available here: Mentacide Score

A performance video (by David Downes) is also available. This spells out (literally) the words that are being generated in the digital audio. The video is available for download form the store on this website here: MENTACIDE PERFORMANCE VIDEO

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for Solo Snare Drum and Digital Audio
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