January 21, 2024

La Chaux de Fonds: "Connectome" Signum Saxophone Quartet and Alexej Gerrasimez

January 21, 2024
6:45 PM
Salle de musique
avenue Léopold-Robert 27, La Chaux de Fonds, France
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The drummer Alexej Gerassimez and the SIGNUM saxophone quartet, all award-winning stars and universalists of the young classical music scene, explore largely unknown soundscapes. Five virtuosos who joyfully cross borders: between concert and performance, styles and genres, composition and improvisation. Boundlessness is also the focus of the program, which the drummer and the four saxophonists have conceived together. Familiar classics such as Gustav Holst's "Planet" follow contemporary works by Gerassimez or Steve Martland and commissioned by New Zealand composer John Psathas, John Williams cosmic soundtracks alternate with rock classics. Choreographed works characterize the concert cosmos as well as sophisticated lighting design and moderation. When designing the program, the musicians were inspired by the great questions of the people: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? With their music, they not only take the audience on a journey into the vastness of space, but also to our fears, dreams and longings. Alexej Gerassimez (drums), SIGNUM saxophone quartet: Blaž Kemperle (soprano saxophone), Hayrapet Arakelyan (alto saxophone), Alan Lužar (tenor saxophone), Guerino Bellarosa (baritone saxophone) pre-compositional workshop in Berlin! Source:: https://touspourlamusique.ch/en/2022-23-season/ Tagged 2024 January 1

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