Orbital: Concerto (Orchestral Score)

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Technical Requirements

The music of Orbital consists of four elements.

  • Orchestra: 2/2/2/2 - 4/3/3/1 - 3 Perc – Timp – Strings
  • 4 Percussion Soloists
  • A pre-recorded audio track
  • Live electronics (synths and live delays)

Orbital was designed to be performed with all elements amplified, and with in-ear monitoring for all players. It feasible that a subset only of the players have the in-ear click but is preferable that all do.

There is a significant pre-rehearsal process for the soloists to prepare the technology required for performance. This includes:

  • Preparing the audio track and click (it is recommended that this is managed by the soloists from an onstage laptop).
  • Preparing the sample libraries triggered from the drum pads
  • Preparing the sub bass and synth played by Soloist 4
  • Preparing the live delays used on vibes and marimba during performance
  • Preparing the live electronics elements (the synth plug-in ‘Gaugear’ in Reaktor, parameters of which are manipulated in real-time during performance with external controllers)

Digital download includes the following files:

1. Orbital - Concerto - INSTRUCTIONS.pdf

2. Orbital - Concerto - SCORES & PARTS

  • Orbital - Concerto - FULL SCORE.pdf

This download does not contain the audio track or individual parts, it is for score only.

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About this Work

Commissioned by the Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln and Repercussion, Orbital is for Percussion Quartet and Amplified Orchestra with a pre-recorded backing track. When composing aimed to create the sensation of an "orchestra on steroids," where RePercussion exudes vigorous, youthful energy at the forefront of the performance. Inspired by the perspective of observing planet Earth and the celebration of humanity as a whole, Orbital contrasts with my recent works influenced by environmental disasters and negative human behavior. The composition incorporates unique elements, such as playing parts of the orchestral music in reverse and creating a synchronized audio blend of live and reversed recordings. Described as a spectacular and immersive experience, the fusion of thundering samba rhythms, electronic sound art, and massive orchestral sounds transcends conventional categorization. The performance, praised for its energy, intensity, and modern sound art, engulfs the concert hall in a mesmerizing audiovisual spectacle that defies verbal description. With Repercussion's dynamic virtuosity and the seamless collaboration between the quartet and the orchestra, Orbital presents an innovative and unforgettable total work of art that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression.

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for Percussion Quartet, Orchestra, Live Electronics, Audio
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