Encore 2: 6 Percussionists

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At just a little over 2 minutes - this lovely encore option for percussion ensembles (best described as a kind of primal goodnight lullaby for the audience), involves three players on one vibraphone, and another three clapping and stomping. All six hum in unison at times during the piece. No individual parts - the score is 4 pages. This piece originated in the large-scale project ‘Between Zero and One’ for NZ percussion group Strike.

Whats Included

Digital download includes the following files:

1. Encore 2 - 6Percussionists - INSTRUCTIONS.pdf

2. Encore 2 - 6Percussionists - SCORES & PARTS

  • Encore 2 - 6Percussionists - FULL SCORE.pdf

3. Encore 2 - 6Percussionists - REFERENCE MIXES

  • Encore 2 - 6Percussionists - REFERENCE MIX.mp3

This download does not include individual parts.

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Mixed Percussion
Mallet Percussion

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